Why HSK?

At HSK Software Services we have built a humanistic management which gives employees the freedom to work and earn rewards. The management tries to be with the employees in every circumstance.

We have separate cell where employees can discuss their personal issues with the counselor. Thus we try make our employees to feel comfortable in every situation.

We set goals for every employee which are achievable. Every employee is given a separate feedback on his performance. Employee performing well are rewarded. Also to boost up the moral of employee who are not performing well, Corrective Action Plan(CAP) is prepared where there is a detailed discussion on his/her mistakes, lagging areas and also appropriate training is provided to employee to overcome the mistakes.

HR practices at HSK are very innovative. These practices are based on the thinking that every employee must be get benefit of company success and goals of both employer and employee should be inline.

We educate our employees to understand mutual objective and work towards attaining mutual excellence. Our HR policies are based on the concept of creating an environment of self-motivation, self-confidence and self-assessment.

We together with our people work hard for "slow but continuous improvement".