Thought Leadership

We at HSK Software Services are constantly working to provide best possible solutions for businesses. These solution are derived keeping people and process as the core of any business. In this context, below are some of our innovative work in this context.


Over a last decade we have witnessed that Lean manufacturing is gaining much importance is service industry too. Over a last decade we have witnessed that Lean manufacturing is gaining much importance is service industry too. Through lean principles,  significant and positive changes have been witnessed in the service industry. It plays a key role in minimizing waste, upgrading the process (SDLC in case of Software Industry) , identifying loopholes in different processes etc.

Value Stream Analysis and Mapping is a method of business process improvement.This is a method by which lean principles are applied in the examination of business processes.

Lean principles work work towards providing more value to the customer i.e. Value Stream.

We are constantly working towards innovating and applying Value Stream mapping Techniques to our processes.

Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

In a typical application development , it is very difficult to identify waste, but identification and removal of such waste can have significant impact on application development processes.

Some of the waste can be identified as:

  1. Transportation : Information incompatibility, communication failure, multiple sources, security issues.
  2. Inventory : too much information, poor configuration management, complicated retrieval.
  3. Time Lags : information created too early or unavailable, late delivery, suspect quality.
  4. Processing : unnecessary serial effort, too many iterations, unnecessary data conversions, excessive verification, unclear criteria.
  5. Defects : lacking quality, conversion errors, and incomplete, ambiguous, or inaccurate information, lacking required tests/verification.
  6. Overproduction : too much detail, unnecessary information, redundant development, over-dissemination, pushing rather than pulling data.

Value stream mapping is a very effective technique in eliminating waste and thus improving overall performance.