Public Relation

Public relation is a sector which has gained significant attention in last decade. Also as the society is undergoing dynamic changes, future of Public Relation sector looks bright. Players in public sector try hard to get in depth of the society. To accomplish this they are now taking E-path i.e. web technologies.

We at HSK Software Services have expertise in developing and implementing solution for Public Relation sector. We use standard web2.0 technologies to develop application.

Analyst at HSK undergo deep research to produce a innovative solution. Our solutions are developed keeping in mind the industry benchmark. At the same time it is taken care that performance of the solution is measurable and it’s usability should be high.

Blogs, forum, groups are some core feature of our solutions. Also as the number of user are very high database management and data security issue is taken care of.

Features :

  • Online newsroom.
  • Automatic monitoring of media coverage.
  • Online chat system.

Please do have a look at our Portfolio to get the level of experience in Public relation sector.