JQuery is an open source JavaScript library, which can be integrated with any web technology. JQuery is been there around for more than 3 years.

jQuery is useful in HTML document like Event Handling, Traversing, Animating Effect, Ajax Interacting and much more.

Benefits of using JQuery:

  • Allows to manipulate elements in DOM in an efficient manner using selector syntax.
  • Allows to alter the HTML document content dynamically like element insertions.
  • Adds effects like fading, shaking to DOM elements.
  • Can retrieve information from server without a postback or refreshing the page by using $.get(), $.post(), $,ajax() methods.
  • Cross-browser support makes it to work consistently on all browsers. JQuery provides this feature by an abstraction layer.
  • JQuery works on sets. It means, there is no need of iteration statements or loops for applying a style or action on a set of elements.
  • Reduces lines of code by using chaining. Chaining allows a method to return an object itself as a result all the time, reducing usage of temporary variables.
  • It is extensible. We can write our own plug-in, which will work on top of JQuery.
  • Its syntax is based on CSS selectors. This feature makes designers to learn JQuery quickly.