Drupal makes it a snap to create a complete forum from scratch or add one to an existing site.

Drupal provide forum module to accomplish the task.Basically forum module performs following functions:

  • Create forum post.
  • Reapond to forum post via comments.
  • Mark post as sticky.
  • Organise post by taxonomy.
  • RSS feed for each forum

Apart from above functions there are many functions that are difficult to perform with “DRUPAL FORUM MODULE”. Such as basic forum module make forum design difficult to customize. The solution for above situation is to use some of the contributed modules suc as “ADVANCE FORUM”. In addition to this we have to use following modules as per the situation:

  • Notification
  • Token
  • Messaging framework
  • Views
  • Imagecache
  • Rules
  • Real name
  • Core patch

We at HSK have worked intensively with forum in drupal. Following are some of the project where we have worked with forums.

Detail about our expertise on forum can be found at: