Content management Systems (CMS)

Today Content management System has became the necessity as it facilitates easy authoring and delivery of the content. CMS facilitates users in buliding , arranging cintent rich website with efficiency. CMS minimised the need of programming as one can update the content of the website without having any change in design.

Our Content Management Systems have been devised in order to enable the user to create, edit, update and to manage, the web content within the existing structure and design.

Our CMS services offer following unique features.

  • Add and/or edit web pages
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add and edit articles
  • Add, edit or delete albums
  • Banner Adv management
  • Job management
  • Site usage tracking management
  • Customer management
  • Admin management

The Content Management Systems we offer helps to reduce maintenance costs to a great extent and staff does not have to be specially trained for the job. There are tools available that lets any non-technical staff access and update the content. It is user friendly and permits users post comments on the website thus increasing interactivity and improving internal business activity.